Feb 28, 2016 – True Faith Sanctuary

022816-Sermon Snippet

This was the last Sunday in February and we worshiped the Lord as if it was the last time we would all come together. We experienced God giving us a double portion of His blessings through Elder Evans Brown, Jr when He used him to pray a prayer that surely destroyed some yokes. Many of us were blessed as we followed Elder Brown in prayer and called on the name of Jesus.

Pastor Evans Brown, Sr.

Then we got our second portion, the word of God, ministered by our Pastor, Supt. Evans Brown, Sr. He preached out of John 21:15-17 and Deuteronomy 30:19-20. Pastor Brown used two hourglasses. One represented life and the other represented death. He turned the hourglasses over and told us time is flowing and someday we would have to face death but it’s what we do in between the event of life and death is what counts.

Pastor Brown’s topic was “Do You Love Me More Than These?” He went on to say that Jesus wasn’t just talking to His disciples, but He is talking to us today, asking us the same questions. He reminded us “the these” can be Facebook and social media, gossip, not loving the way we’re commanded and anything we love more than God.

Min. R.L. Brown

Then we came back for our 6 o’clock evening service and heard a word from the Lord, through Min. R.L. Brown. He preached from Matthew 6:5-18 and the topic were the pre-requisite of prayer. Some of the prerequisites were repenting from sin to have a clean heart, asking or communicating with God, staying away from pride, being humble, fasting and giving thanks.

The last Sunday in February was a blessed one as God touched our hearts and spoke to us in a way that only He can do.

We are a word studying, fasting and praying ministry. We would be grateful if you decide to join us in our Bible Study every Wednesday at 7:00 PM, Sunday School at 9:30 AM and our Worship Experience every Sunday at 11:00 AM.

We are a church that is different, growing in love!

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