Man praying on a wooden table with an open BibleMon – Faith in a Merciful God – Deuteronomy 4:32-40
Tues – Faith in a Trustworthy God – Daniel 9:15-19
Wed – Living Humbly – Micah 6:6-8; 7:18-19
Thur – Living a Blessed Life – Matthew 5:1-10
Fri – Living a Peaceful Life – 1 Peter 2:9-16
Sat – Living a Fulfilled Life – Luke 1:68-80
Sun – Humble Faith – Luke 18:9-14

BIBLE STUDY (5/4/16)

The Holy Ghost
Text to be announced.

SUNDAY SCHOOL (5/15/2016)

Humble Faith
Luke 18:9-14

Bible Truth
Jesus taught that prayer spoken in humility has power over prayer spoken in self-righteousness.

Memory Verse:

And the publican, standing afar off, would not lift up so much as his eyes unto heaven, but smote upon his breast, saying, God be merciful to me a sinner. – Luke 18:13

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