damaged roofWe have been struggling in this area known as ‘forgotten’ part of Macon, for over ten years, trying  to renovate, patch up, and paint up,  as much as our resources would allow,  to provide a place we could be proud of for our community.   We are occupying  old buildings that’s in  need of immediate repairs.   The computer Lab Building, and the Educational Building is our first goal;  new or completely repaired roofs. We have suffered a lot of water damage upstairs and downstairs.  We are a small but growing congregation and have a vision for the future of our youth. We sincerely desire to have a safe,  caring and learning  environment to house our youth activities.

Please help us raise $25,000, the estimate needed  to do the roof on two buildings. You can either use our secure Sow A Seed page or GoFundme to give toward repairing the roof on our buildings.

Thank you and may God bless,
Pastor Evans D & Pearlie Brown, founders of True Faith Ministry.

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