December 27, 2015 – True Faith COGIC Worship Service

Mirror1On December 22, 2015, Pastor Evans Brown, Sr. asked us to bring a mirror to church on the following Sunday. Today we found out why. Pastor Brown has always said, we ought to be looking at ourselves and telling ourselves something. And today we did just that!

Our choir gave their offering by singing The Struggle Is Over. Pastor Brown stood boldly and preached the word that God had given him for us. Pastor Brown expounded on several passages to get us to see how important it for us to start working on ourselves to do better than what we’ve been doing. Pastor Brown declared that our struggles were over, but there was still work to be done and the work starts with whom we looked at in the mirror, ourselves.

Malachi 1:6 – Pastor Brown reminded us that we have to return God’s honor back to Him.
James 1:22 – We were encouraged to not only read the word of God but to put what we’ve read into action because it would benefit us when we do.
John 7:38 – We need to believe in Jesus the way it tells us in the Holy Bible to experience the blessings of being obedient.
2 Chronicles 16:29 – We should always give God all the glory that’s due to His name.

The word is not only preached and taught at True Faith. Pastor Brown and the Elders and Ministers on staff encourage everyone to apply the teachings in God’s Holy word to their lives. You are more than welcomed to come study, worship and grow with us!

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