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The New Cart

The New Cart

120714-07Sunday, May 24, 2015, Pastor Brown stood boldly and preached  a message that put us in the know about the things that have crept into the church. The message God gave him was out of 2 Samuel 6:1-7 and the title of the message was “The New Cart”.

He started the message out by telling us someone gave him an article about a church that was started by asking people why they didn’t go to church. The article said some didn’t go because they didn’t want to dress up. Some didn’t go because it was boring and so forth. Then a church was started based on what the people wanted.

Pastor Brown said that we’re bringing in the new cart that’s loaded with things that God doesn’t like. He said God doesn’t like this new cart and has rejected it.Pastor Brown went on to tell us that the church has to do it the way God has ordered it to be done.

We thank God for our pastor who doesn’t compromise what God requires for us. He preaches often about love and the righteousness we need to have in order to live holy and make it to heaven.

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