IMG_20151025_164124 1On October 25 2015, I was transporting the Mathis family home from True Faith’s 33rd Church Anniversary. We were traveling south on I-75 about one mile from the exit we intended to turn onto. The rear passenger tire blew out. Thank God I was able to maintain control and steer the van to the emergency shoulder. While Bro. Bo Mathis and I stood at the back of the van trying to find the jack, a man pulled up in his pickup truck with a mobile shop in tow. It seemed as if this man came from nowhere because we didn’t see him until he was getting out of his truck. He quickly came to us and asked what was wrong. When we told him we had a flat tire, he moved like a man who worked in an Indy 500 pit crew.

He told us to not touch anything because he didn’t want us getting our nice clothes dirty. He went to his trailer, pulled out the tools he needed and went to work. In about 20-25 minutes he had us on our way. Bro. Mathis asked how much would his service cost us and his reply was; “Are you kidding me?” He pointed to the lettering on the back of the van that reads “Just Believe” and said; “I was wondering why the Lord had me leave my house at the time He had me to leave. Now I know why.” We rejoiced together and Bro. Smart prayed for us before we pulled off the emergency shoulder. He even positioned his vehicle so we could make a safe reentry onto the interstate.

Bro. Bo, his family and I quickly agreed that Bro. Brian Smart is an angel sent by God at the right time. We thank Bro. Brian Smart for listening and obeying God. We thank God for using Bro. Smart to prove that we all, no matter what race, are meant to help each other (Romans 12:10; Colossians 3:10-13).

And this blessing came on the heals of our topic in Sunday School; Trusting The Spirit, Acts 11:1-18.

Thank You Bro. Brian Smart of A+ Mobile Lube 478-273-1240

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  1. This story doesn’t surprise me at all. I know Mr. Smart as Captain Smart–when he was a superior i used to work for back in 2007. He’s carried himself like this for as long as I’ve known him. Good man!

  2. Pastor Brown and I agree that Bro. Smart was an angel sent by God. His obedience to the voice of God put him in the right place at the right time. We know that God will remember his labor of Love. Thank you, Min Jordan for your faithful and continuous support of the van ministry.

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