DSC_0547October 4 2015 – Pastor Brown preached a message that should make everyone think of their way vs. God’s way. He told us we can be big when we take our minds off of little.

He preached from Psalm 27:11 and told us we must let God lead us and in order to that we have to get self out of the way so God can do something for us. He said we have to:

  1. Understand
  2. Read our bibles
  3. And listen.

He used Acts 8:30-35 to illustrate the importance of these three things we needed to grow in the Lord. Pastor Brown told us if we do these things, they will lead us to Jesus. He said we cannot make it without the guidance of God. He told us there is nothing good about our flesh (Romans 7:18; Romans 8:1), it only gets in the way. He said we cannot please God when we’re operating in the flesh instead of the Holy Spirit.


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