On March 1 2015, Pastor Brown preached a stirring message from Exodus 35. He reminded us the Lord loves cheerful givers and whatever we bring as an offering it goes in God’s house and it’s His offering. He reminded us that obedience is always in order and obedience to the word of God brings forth blessings. He said when we take care of God’s house, our house will be taken care of. There were many of us who agreed because we have seen blessings flow from the Lord when we obey His commandments.

worship-030115During the worship experience, the Male Chorus rendered a stirring song; “More Than I Can Bear”. It is a blessing to see men come together and give God praise. Pastor Brown quoted from Psalm 107:8; “Oh that men would praise the Lord for His goodness.”

Also. Sister Terry Hall gave a testimony of how God blessed her and her family when she obeyed and prayed an extra 15 minutes a day after Pastor Brown told us we should do it. She was blessed financially, but best of all, she was blessed physically. She said she was due for surgery to remove some tumors that were the size of grapefruits. They did another examination before the surgery and found out the tumors were gone!

God is doing some miraculous things at True Faith. Come worship and fellowship with us. Your presence would bless us tremendously!

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