We’ve waited for some time now and God made sure our waiting wasn’t in vain. Our pastor, Supt. Evans Brown, Sr. has been reminding him of what God told him as he looked out toward Jeffersonville Road;



And He has been keeping that promise ever since Pastor Brown declared it into our hearing a little under two years ago. During the week of August 20, 2018, there was some construction going on. We had a flooding problem in our parking lot that was getting increasingly worst at a fast pace. Because of the unusual amount of rain we were getting, the water was beginning to take its toll. But God!

We were able to raise the funds to get the problem fixed, which was a ruptured drain pipe underneath the pavement. The crew came out a fixed the problem. God sent a company that was just willing to help by completing the project at a reduced rate.

We thank God for being a promise keeper and most of all, a God who has favored us here at True Faith Church of God In Christ. We would love for you to be a part of our family. Come by and fellowship with us. We will be blessed when you do!

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