Well! It looks like Oikos Conference has come to a close. What a good time we had these past four evenings. Oikos is another way of saying family. When a person becomes a part of Jesus, by repenting from their sins, and letting Him have dominion over his or her life, that person is engrafted into a family that is bigger than any family we’ll ever see. In other words, everyone who walks as a Christian is part of a great big ole’ family that loves one another in a way that the world can’t love.

2016-oikos-39True Faith’s Pastor, our leader, Pastor Evans Brown, Sr. closed the last evening of Oikos 2016 with a call for all of us to not be a stiffnecked people and obey God in everything He has commanded us to do. He preached from Jeremiah 27:23-24, 28. Pastor Brown asked Brother Derek Ligeikis to sing a song to lead his message. Pastor Brown’s main question to challenge us was; “What would you do if God told you He wasn’t going with you when you left home?” The common response was; “I’d stay home.”

Pastor Brown reminded us of the account in the scriptures, when Jesus told the Israelites He would not lead them and battle. The Israelites went anyway and they were defeated by the enemy. God didn’t go with them because they were disobedient to His will for their lives. Pastor Brown said when we are disobedient, God isn’t with us.  He told us to fear God and he referred back to 2 Chronicles 7:14, which had been quoted by every messenger during this conference. He urged us to:

If you missed Oikos Conference – 2016, don’t worry, because the True Faith family invites everyone to come all year. We are “A Church That Is Different, Growing In Love.” So if you don’t have a place where you worship and serve the Lord, we invite you to consider the True Family.

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