DSC_0201This was our third night of the Oikos Conference and it was again blessed of the Lord. The first night we worshiped and heard a word from Pastor Jared Sawyer, Jr. who preached from 2 Chronicles 7:11-17. The second night we heard from the Pastor Johnny Baggett and the New Elim Baptist Church Family, who preached from 2 Chronicles 7:14. These two men of God hadn’t talked to each other and one didn’t know what the other’s reference text would be.

Tonight we heard from Elect Lady, Evangelist Alfreda Leggett, the wife of our Jurisdictional Bishop J.W. Leggett. She didn’t put any water on the fire that had been set by the two messengers before her. God sent her with a powerful message for all who attended. She preached from Jeremiah 7:28, reminding us that we have something to do for the kingdom. We have to remember what our assignment is, and whatever our hands find to do, do it with all of our might.

We thank God for what He has allowed to come forth in our Oikos Conference. Tonight (April 22nd) we will hear from our own Pastor Evans Brown, Sr. He will bring us “the conclusion of the whole matter” so if you can, we invite you to come join us, as one big family to worship and be blessed with a word from the Lord.

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