July 17, 2016

Honorable Judge Verda Colvin
Honorable Judge Verda Colvin of The Macon Judicial Circuit

Our youth worship service was a little different this time. During the youth worship experience, we witnessed how God touched many of our young people’s heart as they sang praises to Him during the service. We take the lives of young people, not only in True Faith but those who aren’t at True Faith serious by praying for them and encouraging them to be the best they can be.

Today we honored them for their achievements during the fiscal school year 2015-2016. They marched to their seats as we gave them a standing ovation. Why make such a big deal? We’re seeing young people dying in the streets, and choosing lifestyles that are dangerous to themselves and the community. So whenever they make efforts to be different and succeed, we applaud them to encourage them to keep on doing good.

We were blessed to have the Honorable Superior Court Judge Verda Colvin, of the Macon Judicial Circuit at our service. She spent time and spoke life into our young people as she told them the pitfalls they will encounter, and how to avoid them. She shared her testimony of how she sacrificed and persevered toward her dream. She encouraged the young people to hold on to their dream and dn’t let anyone or any circumstance get the way of their success.

We are so thankful to God and the Honorable Judge Verda Colvin for imparting wisdom to our rising representatives of our church and community.

The young people of True Faith preside over the worship service every third Sunday. If you have children and teens, come see us on any Sunday, especially the third Sunday of each month.

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