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How Many Honest People?

How Many Honest People?

May 1, 2016 – Worship Service

DSC_0002Pastor Brown, Sr preached a message about “Honesty”. He started off by asking how many dishonest people were in the congregation. He preached from Luke 17:5. He said if we were honest we would admit that our faith needs to be increased. He said we can look and act alright on the inside, but on the inside, we’re actually not looking too good. Pastor Brown said if we think we don’t need to turn in our ways of doing things, then we’re being dishonest. If we’re being honest, we will ask God to increase our faith.

Pastor Brown asked us to take heed of ourselves (Luke 17:3). He said cliques are a problem in the church. He said we are supposed to be different and people shouldn’t see the same thing they see in the world when they come to church. We should forgive one another because we can’t go further than the point of unforgiveness.

Pastor Brown urged us to be ready to go above and beyond what we need to do. If we do the same things, we will always get the same results. He urged us to press forward and forget the things behind us.

These are the kind of messages that go forth at True Faith. We have a pastor, elders, and ministers who preach and teach God’s word without compromise. If you’re looking for the truth in the word, come visit us. It would be a blessing to us if you did.

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