Founders Day 2015 - siteWhen you have a man who has been in ministry for over 50 years with his wife by his side nearly all of those years. When you have a man and a wife who started a church together with their first three children and that church has been serving God and the community for the past 33 years, you have yourself an anointed founder and co-founder.

And on August 2, 2015, we celebrated our pastor and elect lady’s 33 years of being founder and co-founder of True Faith Church of God In Christ. Pastor Evans Brown, Sr. and Evangelist Pearlie Brown were celebrated with song and a great word sent through Pastor David Stanley of Union Baptist Church.

Our theme was based on a revelation given to Pastor Brown when he was praying. The Lord told him; “It is well.” Pastor David Stanley delivered a powerful sermon that encouraged our founders and us.

We thank God for our Pastor Evans Brown, Sr. and Evangelist Pearlie Brown. They lead us by example. We follow them as they follow Christ. Join us in saying; “Thank God for Pastor and Evangelist Brown.”

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