On December 7, 2014, Elect Lady Pearlie Brown was called to preach to True Faith. She brought a strong message about Praise, using Revelations 19:1-4 as her text. She let us know how important it is to praise the Lord for everything, including when it looks like we have nothing to praise Him for. She encouraged us to come to church ready to praise the Lord and to watch how we treat others and present ourselves to people. She told us in order to praise the Lord properly we have to:

  1. Get our hearts right.
  2. Use Wisdom.
  3. Come together as one.
  4. Love one another.

She let us know that we don’t have a reason not to praise the Lord!

After the message, the Holy Ghost took us to a level of praise that we will remember for days to come. What a time in the Lord we had. We welcome you to join us next Sunday at 11:00am!