June 26, 2016

At the beginning of our day of worship, Pastor Brown said; “Expect the unexpected.” Well, at the close of our service, we saw what he meant when he encouraged us to expect the unexpected.

Our time for the study of God’s word started at 9:30 a.m. Those who were there took on the topic of “Ignoring God’s Plain Truth.” Our Sunday School instructors reminded us to stay obedient to the word of God and staying away from things that oppose God.

At the start of our service, Elder Leggett led us in praise and worship. We were blessed by our Sanctuary Choir. If you would close your eyes, you would think there were 50 people singing. God is really using the Sanctuary Choir to set an atmosphere of worship. Then we were blessed by the Original Lawrence Sisters when they sang a selection.

Our worship service blessed all of us as Pastor Brown gave us a message from the Lord, encouraging us to continue in God’s word. He preached from John 8:31. Pastor Brown said everyday that we read our bibles, we are continuing in God’s word. He urged us to read everyday. He reminded us of the Home Daily Bible Reading and told us we should be reading it. He said there wasn’t any excuse not to because it is posted in our bulletin and in The Weekly Study Guide on our website.

Pastor Brown took us to Isaiah 55:11 and told us if we read, study and meditate on God’s word, it will do just what it says in our lives. He said we won’t have to worry about anything if we believe and continue if God’s word. Then he took us to Isaiah 48:17 and told us we will profit from God’s word. He took us to Joshua 1:8 and showed us that meditating on God’s word will cause us to prosper. He ended the message to us with Proverbs 16:3 and told us to commit ourselves and the Lord will establish us.

After Pastor Brown finished preaching, the unexpected did indeed happen. One of our family members walked the center aisle. What was so amazing about her walking the center aisle is she was stricken with a stroke a few months ago. We watched her go from a wheelchair, to a walker, to her family members holding her up, to her walking on her own! You can’t tell us at True Faith that God isn’t healing people today! Continue to pray for Sister Terrie Mathis and her husband, Brother Bo Mathis and their children who have been by her side! Look at this clip!

What an awesome time we had! You are welcomed to come and share in our worship experience at any time. If you have a question, please use our Contact page and we will answer it promptly. If you have a prayer request go to our Prayer Request page and send us a message. If you’ve visited us before, please go to our Facebook page and leave a comment or use the comment section at the bottom of this article. Thank you and may God continue to flow in your life.

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