May 24, 2016

Elder Richard Pardue ministered to the True Faith family during morning worship. He brought the message from Luke 15:16-18. Elder Pardue compared the prodigal son with us and how we live our lives today. He warned us about thinking we can do it on our own and getting out in front of leadership, and thinking we don’t have to listen to the leader as long as God told us to do something.

Elder Pardue told us Satan will trick us away from everybody and take us to a far country and cause us to miss out on what God has willed for our lives. He shared a story with us about how he used to bully a boy that was twice his size. He would pick on the boy because he knew his friends had his back. He got a job at a store and one day while he was working the boy he bullied came in and he didn’t have his boys with him. The boy told him he wanted a bologna sandwich, chips, and a drink, and he wasn’t going to pay for it. He said he gave the boy what he wanted. Elder Pardue reminded us there’s safety when we’re with The Father.

After the message, Pastor Brown prayed for all the children in the sanctuary.

We get messages like these on a regular basis. We believe in teaching the word of God and applying it to our lives. We welcome you to come and worship with our family every Sunday at 11:00 a.m.

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