Sermon Recap – April 3, 2016

040316-worship-05Elder Evans Brown, Jr. was our messenger and he took us through the story of Gideon found in Judges 7. He used Judges 7:2,6,11 to encourage us to keep going forth in spite of what it looks like. He illustrated to us how important it was for us to be alert and be obedient. He reminded us that Gideon started out with thousands in his army, but God separated the fearful and the unalert and Gideon wound up with three hundred men to go against thousands.

Elder Brown gave us three points: 1-We need a sign or proof that God has told us to do something. God will always confirm what He wants from us. 2-Confidence and 3-Victory. Elder Brown then pointed out that all Gideon and his men had was a pitcher with a torch in it and their obedience. No weapon, just the pitcher and the obedience to break the pitchers when God told them to break them.

We are very thankful to have men and women that teach and preach the word at True Faith Church Of God In Christ. We will also be thankful to have you come to fellowship and share with us in our worship experience.

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