Sunday, December 14, 2014 was a day our national Bishop, Bishop Blake announced the Church of God In Christ’s support in the awareness of young black men dying from police violence. We supported this effort at True Faith during our worship service.

Pastor Brown took the time to minister to the young men who were present. This service came not only on the heels of the tragic events in our country with police involved shootings, but it was also timely as two young men were killed in Macon Georgia in a shooting at a nightclub two days before.

Pastor Brown reminded the young men, and us older men that the police wasn’t our enemy. He said the devil who walks around as a roaring lion was our true enemy. Pastor Brown said he is just using some police officers and other people who will let him use them to carry out his murdering plan.

Please continue to pray for our young men and True Faith. We’re moving forward on being a part of the solution.

See the photo gallery here…

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