On June 5, 1982, True Faith was founded by Pastor Brown and his lovely wife Pearlie M. Brown. The doors were opened at the Medgar Malcom, Martin Center in the Fort Hill area of Macon, Georgia. Time had passed and Pastor Brown felt the need to move True Faith and Superintendent Ras King shared his church on Liberty Street every first and third Sunday with True Faith.

During this time, True Faith was accepted by Bishop C.J. Hicks into the body of the Church of God In Christ and the name was changed from True Faith Holiness Church to True Faith Church Of God In Christ.

In December of 1982, Pastor Brown and his congregation began to worship with the saints at Duresville COGIC, where Pastor Brown was appointed to pastor the flock. Pastor Brown served faithfully for 17 months.

Pastor Brown began to follow the unction of the Holy Spirit to return to the vision God gave him and that was True Faith COGIC. Pastor Brown and the True Faith COGIC congregation returned to Liberty Street and God began to bless and souls were added to True Faith.

A church was for sale on Morgan Drive in Macon, Georgia and the True Faith COGIC congregation moved into it’s new home. In 2004, under the direction of the Lord, Pastor Brown and the congregation purchased the property located at 2048 Jeffersonville Road, which was formerly the place of worship for the Cross Keys Baptist Church, one of the oldest church buildings in Macon, Georgia. Pastor Brown often recalls the name God gave him for this location as “The Miracle On Jeffersonville Road.

2048 Jeffersonville Road has been the home of True Faith Church Of God In Christ since then. We welcome you to come worship and hopefully labor with us in preparation for the Lord’s coming. Please check our times on the homepage and feel free to contact us at anytime.