A unique thing happened during our worship service today! A stranger walked in. A young man walked in as we were having our praise and worship service. This young man didn’t look churchy, act churchy or even smelled churchy. What he did next caught everyone’s attention.

The young man walked straight to the altar and raised both of his hands high in the air and began to worship the Lord in his own way. And that way was to stand there with his hands held high in the air. After a couple of minutes, he turned around and walked out of the church. 

Our 1st Lady, Evangelist Brown caught up with him and accompanied by an Elder, she brought the young man back in. Pastor Brown held the man’s hands and prayed for him. He fell to the floor and wept. We ministered to him and he left.

Elder Evans Brown, Jr. taught Sunday School and in his teaching, he brought up a thought about how the burning bush caught Moses’ attention and asked us what was God wanting us to see in the burning bush we walk past in our lives? Then he brought up the passage in Matthew 25:37-40.

This man was a stranger. We were reminded during Sunday School about handling this situation and the situation produced itself a little over an hour later.

This is the attitude of worship we have at True Faith. All are welcomed to come and experience a move of God. We’re just vessels determined to be a blessing to others in our community.

JOIN US AT TRUE FAITH! A church that’s different growing in love.

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